The Sharing Economy

The sharing economy is significant socio-economic trend and a fast-growing innovation opportunity. PricewaterhouseCoopers projects a 20-fold increase until 2025, reaching $674 billion. The platform business model is the most common way to innovate within the sharing economy.

The Platform Business Model

The platform business model must be considered the most important and revolutionary business model of the last decade or two. Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Uber, Airbnb, TripAdvisor,, PayPal and many other of the most successful recent startups are built on this business model.

Sharing Economy + Platform Business Model = great innovation

While almost all sharing economy companies are based on the platform business model, not all platform business models are part of the sharing economy: Uber and Airbnb are, Google and Facebook are not.

There are an enormous amount of innovation opportunities where the sharing economy and the platform business model intersect. I am explaining both concepts separately and then in combination. Understand the details are and develop innovation ideas you can be proud of!

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Sharing Economy: Types and Examples

Uber and Airbnb are the poster children of sharing platform businesses. But there are many more, wonderful sharing platform businesses that you have never heard of, from umbrellas, to food, to energy! The first wave of sharing platforms ended up not being successful. But with the success of GPS-powered smartphones came a second wave of wonderful sharing platforms that you can see here.

Platform Business Model: the Complete Guide

The platform business model was underpinning the successes of the most successful start-ups of the last two decades. May it be pure platforms, such as Google, Facebook,, TripAdvisor, etc or those within the sharing economy, such as Uber and Airbnb. The underlying business model principles are the same. Learn about them in-depth here.


Uber: Business Model


Uber came out of the blue and made a big splash. They have attracted criticism and admiration alike. On which ever side you stand, you can't deny they have figured out how to successfully apply the platform business model onto the idea of the sharing economy. Find out about their business model in more depth than you will find anywhere else on the web.

Uber: Strategy


Now that you learned everything about Uber's business model, it is time to widen our horizons. Professor Michael Porter is the undisputed guru of strategy. We are going to use one of his most popular tools, Porter's Five Forces, to analyse Uber's strategy in detail. Understand Uber's strategy now.

Airbnb: Business Model

Airbnb is a source of abundant innovations. They started with shared accommodations but expanded from there to events and restaurants. They have made their footprint in a very tough industry dominated by big players like the Marriotts and Hiltons, the Booking.coms and Expedias. Learn about this amazing source of great ideas in depth.

Airbnb: Strategy

Another important strategy tool devised my Michael Porter is the activity map. Among other exciting examples, such as TripAdvisor, you can learn about how Airbnb amplifies their value proposition by aligning all their activities with it. Jump into Airbnb's activity map (and other great examples). 


Sharing Platform Business Model


How do sharing platform businesses create value? We are looking at all steps of the value creation process. We are using yet another strategy tool, the value chain, to bring all elements  sharing platform businesses together. This framework is ideal to brainstorm you ideas and play with various options of the individual elements. Understand the sharing platform business model value chain now.

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